How to Cool Down Sunburned Skin?

The skin burns caused by the sun are one of the most common maladies in summer. Avoiding them is not only important for the aches and pains they cause: in the most severe cases, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer or melanoma.

The prevention is therefore the most effective way to prevent skin problem . Using sunscreens with an appropriate factor, t-shirts and hats will make the incidence of UVA and UVB rays much less dangerous for health.

But in the event that the precautions fail or you have forgotten to resort to them, there are resources to alleviate the pain of a skin burn : in addition to the topicals and solutions found in pharmacies or supermarkets, Dr Surjeet Mehta, dermatologist in Pitampura, proposes a series of remedies for these burns that can be applied without leaving home.

1. Milk

Apart from strengthening bones, the milk also has benefits for the skin . Two of its components, fatty acids and lactic acids, have soothing properties that relieve pain in the affected areas . Doctor recommends applying the milk carefully with a soft cloth or cotton gauze.

2. Yogurt

A product made from milk, yogurt , can also be useful to treat these burns: the proteins contained in this dairy derivative help keep the skin moist . The dermatologist recommends applying it and then washing the area with cold water.

3. Vinegar

The acetic acids that vinegar contains are also very helpful in treating skin irritation: Dr Mehta recommends preparing a solution consisting of a liter of water with a tablespoon of vinegar. This mixture is then diluted into a compress that is applied directly to the itch.

4. Aloe vera

Best known for its various applications in medicine, aloe vera is a resource that usually works very well in these cases; in fact, many of the creams sold to relieve these burns usually contain it, although Dr Surjeet Mehta points out that it is much more effective to apply it directly to the skin .

5. Cucumber

The cucumber would be an alternative way to heal burns, either putting the vegetable slices on the skin or by passing it through a blender, obtaining an easy cream to spread on the irritation. Cucumber helps restore skin, in addition to its soothing properties.

6. Tea tannins

Finally, Dr Mehta also talks about the tannins in tea, whose function is above all soothing. To obtain them, the tea must be allowed to cool in the same pot where it was prepared, for which you can add ice and thus get it before.

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