The skin is the largest organ of the human body, dermatology is the specialty in medicine that is responsible for the study of the skin, hair and nails and their diseases. The dermatologist is the one who, after obtaining the title of general medicine, specializes in the study of the skin and its annexes (hair and nails), for the treatment of diseases or for aesthetic purposes.

The work of the dermatologist is to worry about the diagnosis and treatment of the various pathologies that affect the skin, scalp and nails. Among the most frequent reasons for consultation are allergies or dermatitis of different causes, fungi that affect the skin, nails or scalp, warts or herpes caused by viruses, acne, rosacea, benign or malignant tumors, among other less frequent pathologies such as psoriasis, vasculitis, etc.

Dermatologist evaluates patient through an adequate medical history and a thorough examination. Various tools can be used to arrive at a proper diagnosis such as dermoscopy or sometimes laboratory tests or skin biopsy if necessary.

This is the most important step, since according to the evaluation carried out, a medical or surgical treatment is derived (in the case of skin tumors) or a cosmetic treatment is started to improve the appearance of the skin and its annexes (hair and some).